El Nido Kiteboarding

Learn How to Kiteboard and Kitesurf in Palawan Philippines


Learn to Kitesurf with El Nido Kiteboarding located at Carmelitas home stay, Sibaltan, Elnido. Sibaltan is 42 kilometers from the town, eastcoast barangay of El Nido. Sibaltan is famous in preserving the Culture and Heritage of Cuyunons (local palaweno).

The shop location caters to Amihan wind (northeast wind) in November to May which is ideal for kitesurfing season. El Nido Kiteboarding is operated by Kite club Palawan who is the pioneering school for kitesurfing in the province of Palawan.

The main shop is located at The Emerald Playa Beach Resort in barangay San Jose Puerto Princesa City.

Mark Anthony Antonio the operator, is an IKO license instructor and board of Director of Philippine Kiteboarding Association. His humble beginnings as beach boy, kite cadie to instructor in Boracay Island made his way in owning a Kitesurfing shop in his hometown. Equipped with 12 years experience and proper knowledge in kitesurfing, he decided to go back to Puerto Princesa, teach his friends, locals and townmates to learn the sports. The influx of tourists and student inquiries in El nido made him decide to open EL NIDO Kiteboarding.


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